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Random Musings

13 June
1920s, 1930s, a christmas story, a perfect circle, agent smith, agoraphobia, alias, alt rock, angel, angelina jolie, angels, animatrix, big cities, bill and ted, billy bob thornton, books, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, candlebox, candles, carrie-anne moss, cheesecake, chicago, chinese food, coffee, coldplay, college, comfort food, computers, dave matthews band, devil's advocate, dido, dogstar, drinking, emmy rossum, enter the matrix, esp, exercise, extrasensory perception, family, fate, florida, flying, gerard butler, ghost, ghosts, gilmore girls, hello kitty, holidays, home, honesty, ice cream, incantations, indiana, jennifer crusie, jewel, john mayer, karma, keanu reeves, krispy kreme, letters to cleo, life, link, lost, love, matrix fanfiction, memento, merovingian, morpheus, movies, music, musicals, my own private idaho, nature, neo, new york city, nicole kidman, niobe, nora roberts, ohio, online, paganism, paranormal, persephone, phantom, phantom of the opera, practical magic, psychic abilities, rain, reading, reese witherspoon, reincarnation, rock, role playing games, role-playing, rum, sandra bullock, sarah mclachlan, sarah michelle gellar, sex, silence, sleeping, small towns, social anxiety disorder, solitary eclectic witches, soulmates, speed, spells, sweet november, tattoos, tennessee, the gift, the goddess, the matrix, the matrix reloaded, the matrix revolutions, the oracle, the x-files, trinity, vampires, van helsing, vodka, wachowski brothers, warm weather, werewolves, white rabbit, witchcraft, witches, yoga, zion